End of the year SALE! – selected card products with extremely good price!

Dear ISIC card friends!

Federation of Estonian Student Unions is announcing an end of the year SALE! From 1st of November, you can order a chip free 1-year regular ISIC Scholar card and 1-year regular ISIC Student card (with a microchip) for a special price.

In January 2020, ISIC cards with a new design will be launched, and as a result, we will be selling discounted card products to reduce potential plastic waste associated with the transition to a new design.

The 1-year chip free ISIC Scholar card costs 3.5€ and the 1-year ISIC Student card with a microchip costs 5€. If you would like to order your card to your home address, additional 1.56€ for postal fees will be added to the price. This is undoubtedly a great deal, as a full-price ISIC cards cost 7.5€. It is a great opportunity to a card with many additional benefits for a good price.

With an ISIC Student card that has a microchip, you can use all the additional features available for the ISIC cards, such as the public transportation card and school access system feature. The ISIC Scholar card (without a microchip) can be used as a physical proof of your student status to receive discounts. Due to having no microchip in it, this card product can not be used as a public transportation card or for any other additional features that requires the existence of a microchip.
The campaign will run until the end of 2019 or until we run out of supplies.

For questions or additional information, please contact our support team at info@minukool.ee or call 640 0423.

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