ISIC Virtual card x LHV

We are proud to announce a new partner bank – LHV!

You can now order ISIC virtual card from LHV mobile app.

LHV is the first bank in Estonia, who offers Virtual ISIC to their customers. ISIC card can now be added into their mobile app, along with their other debit or credit cards.

Virtual ISIC is available to every LHV customer, who is at least 16 years old and study in some higher education curricula in Estonia or abroad.

Ordering ISIC virtual card is super simple and only takes few minutes:

  • Open card view on Your LHV mobile app, click on + button to add a new “ISIC virtual card”
  • Then You need to add Your school name, a picture of Yourself. Make sure You read and agree to “Terms and Conditions”
  • After confirming Your information, You can now see Your ISIC virtual card amongst the other LHV cards.

More info can be found from here

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