Application FAQ

Why is my school not in the school list?

In my School system there are all educational institutions that are included in the Estonian Education Information System. In addition, there are also many educational institutions from foreign countries. If the school of the desired applicant is not listed, it is possible to send an academic confirmation certificate to e-mail info (ät) and the school is added to the system and the applicant will be given the required status.

How long ISIC / ITIC cards apply?

1-year long period of validity ISIC and ITIC cards issued from 1 August to 31 December are valid until the end of following calendar year; By ordering the card during the period from 01.01 – 31.07, the card is valid until the end of this calendar year. Cards with 2 and 3 year validity period are valid from the beginning of the academic year to the end of the second and the upcoming year.

How fast do the cards arrive?

A card orderedfrom My School will arrive within 10 business days. If more than 13 working days have passed after ordering the card, please contact us.

Can I apply for ISIC and ITIC bank cards through My School?

It is not possible to apply for a bank card through the My School system. Please contact SEB or Swedbank if you would like to apply for a bank card. SEB is issuing ISIC scholar, ISIC student and ITIC teacher cards. Swedbank is issuing ISIC student cards.

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