IYTC Youth Travel Card

Take advantage of being young and avail of thousands of discounts! The IYTC is accepted in over 100 countries giving you over 21 000 discounts while on the road.

What will I get from the IYTC card?
With an IYTC youth card  you’re still part of the great ISIC global community with around 4.5 million users. You can take advantage of thousands of similar benefits, services and savings that the ISIC student card offers, at home and away. Don’t forget to carry your card around with you!

Who can get the card?
In order to be eligible for an IYTC, you must be aged between 12 and 30 (inclusive).

How long is the card valid for?
In Estonia there are IYTC cards which are valid for:
1 year from the month you purchase it (applicant’s age limit is 29);
2 years from the month you purchase it (applicant’s age limit is 28);
3 years from the month you purchase it (applicant’s age limit is 27).

How much does it cost?
1-year-card: 7,5 euros
2-year-card: 13,8 euros
3-year-card: 19,2 euros
The payment can be made in cash or by card at the Federation of Estonian Student Union’s office (Pärnu mnt 102-21, 11312 Tallinn) or by a bank transaction (the necessary information for the payment will be sent from info@minukool.ee).

How to apply?
Please download the application below, fill in your data and send it to info@minukool.ee with your digital passport photo.

Download an application for IYTC Youth card

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