For partner

Cards with RFID-chip that are in My School system can be used in a school canteen, in a pass-through system, in a library, for printing, and many more.

To make it easy to implement, we have created a separate web service for data exchange, which allows you to simply retrieve information from users and cards and update the information at a specified frequency. There are separate inquiries for both access systems and cash register systems.

In addition to the implementation of the cards, the data exchange is also beneficial for cooperation partners who offer discounts to card holders. The web service can check the validity of the card and thereby make sure that the discount is given to the right person. Web services allows checking the validity of a card for online stores as well.

Please contact us at Koolisüsteemide OÜ and we explain in more detail how is it possible to implement the cards and check the card validity for merchants.